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Meet Our Coaches

Flyers Organization Head Coach + Flyers Team Head Coach:
Shawn Mele

In 2006, Shawn started his coaching career for wrestling and has since coached for 10 years. 

In 2009, he started coaching football for Freeport Youth Football, and coached for three years. He also served as president of FYF 2010 -2012.
Shawn moved to Burrell in 2012 and coached the Recruits for 3 years. He was the Head coach of the Cadets in 2015 and 2016.The Cadets won the Superbowl each year!

In 2019, Shawn took over as head coach of the Flyers organization and head coach of the flyers team. As his first year as head coach he helped the team win the Superbowl!

Shawn has been married for 21 years to his wife, Jessica, and they have three children: Amber, Austin and Aaron. He is the proud grandfather to a grandson, Nash!

"Besides my love of the game of football, I enjoy spending time with my family and watch my children grow into to wonderful young adults."

Flyers Team Coaches:

Robb Cook is the defensive guru at Flyers! This will be his 9th season with the organization. His first four years, Robb was the defensive coordinator for the Cadets and for the last 5 years he has been the defensive coordinator for the Flyers. His son played 8 years at the Flyers and was a senior last year.

Robb has also coached wrestling, basketball and baseball for many years and has been fortunate to build many relationships throughout the community because of it. He feels, however, that nothing compares to football. He has such a passion and love for this game, he could probably do it for another 50 years.

Robb has two children, a daughter, 24 and a son, 13. His degree in Accounting and Business Management, and currently works as a Materials Manager in Irwin, Pa. 

Over the years with coaching his children, Robb feels as though there's nothing better than watching his kids and players grow into teens, young adults and become productive members to society as adults. Years later, players still refer to him as “Coach” and it means a lot to him.

"That's when you know you had impact in their lives, and it means everything."

Austin Mele started playing football when he was 9 years old, 3 of them was for the Flyers, his positions were center and middle linebacker. He then went on to play at the varsity level for 4 years and started three years on both sides of the ball. At the varsity level, he also started as center and middle linebacker. He had the second most tackles playing as a linebacker on the team his sophomore and junior year, and he led the defense with 98 tackles and five fumble recoveries as a senior.

He was named defense- player of the year and made the Valley News Dispatch Football All-Stars team for both positions!

He has 10 years of football playing experience and has been a 3-sport athlete for as long as he can remember. You name the sport and he has played it!

The three sports he stuck with the longest were football, rugby and wrestling. For rugby, he played for two state championships and his junior year, his team was ranked top 10 in the state. For wrestling, he is a two-time state qualifier with an 8th place state medalist his senior year. 

Currently, he is a Division II wrestler at Seton Hill University!  Last year, he coached for the Flyers level and was the offensive coordinator and helped the Flyers  get to the Superbowl. The Flyers had the most points scored in the league and went on to win the 2019 Superbowl!

Alex Moses played Flyers Football for 7 years. He played football at Burrell where he started at Defensive End. 2019 was his first year coaching for the Flyers and he helped out with the Offensive and Defensive line and conditioning the players. He looks forward to working with the players this season and another successful year!

Other coaches:
Cliff McKay
Dave Taylor

Cadets Team Coaches

Head Coach, Cadets Team

Chris Lowe

Chris has played football for 8 years. He has been a youth football coach for 10 years, is a 5-time Superbowl Champion and a 3-time Superbowl Runner-Up!

He has been married to his wife, Tammy for 15 years and is the proud father of three children, Olivia, Abagail and Griffin.
His hobbies include: fishing, hunting and coaching football, baseball and softball.

"My motto is play for the name on the front of your jersey: Represent the name on the back."

Keith Kunkle is a first-time coach for the Flyers organization, and along with his wife, Amanda, have become avid volunteers for most events. They have three children, Hunter, Brycen and Ava Mae. Keith enjoys watching and assisting his boys at football, and has never missed a practice or game. This year Keith will have a child in each division of the Flyers - a cheerleader on the Recruits, a player on the Cadets, and a player on the Flyers! 

As a young man, Keith would always watch football as well as play the game with the neighborhood children. These days, Keith enjoys playing football in the backyard with his young sons every chance he gets. His decision to join the coaching staff came easily as he realized his kids loved the sport as he did when he was a young man. The Flyers organization made the choice even easier by making the whole family feel extremely welcomed. Being on the field this season with his sons is a great opportunity to enrich his family bonds and spend quality time outdoors.

Keith is new to coaching but is already looking forward to educating himself through clinics and courses to be the best coach he can be.  His ultimate goal is to assist in providing the kids with the safest, most successful and FUN season they can have. The entire Kunkle family is excited about this upcoming season and wishes all of our Flyers and Families the best of luck!

Jim Zaremba
is entering his 2nd year of coaching for the Cadets, and has been part of the Flyers organization for 4 years. He played football for 4 years while attending Valley High School in New Kensington. He resides in Lower Burrell with his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Abby, who has been a cheerleaders for the Recruits for the last three years and will now be cheering on the Cadets! Jim enjoys every aspect of coaching, but most of all, enjoys helping the kids achieve their goals.

Jamie Stiveson has coached youth football for AVYFA from 2013 to 2019 and was on the board as head of Field and Equipment. He moved to Burrell in august of 2019 and started communicating with the Burrell coaching staff about interest in coaching. Jamie has been married to Melissa Ireland for 21 years and they have three children: Zachary (17), Madison (15) and Nicholas (9), who will be playing for the Recruits this season! Jamie looks forward to coaching and meeting new faces this season.

Dave Furnier will be entering into his first year coaching youth football, but he is no stranger to the game.  Being a lifelong resident of Burrell, he was a proud player of the Burrell Bucs Football team in high school.  He is a huge fan of football and looking forward to sharing not only his knowledge of the game, but also his love for it with the players. 

He and his wife Stephanie have three children Madilyn (18), Lillian (11) and William (10).  They have been a Flyers family over 13 years. It started with Madilyn cheering as a Plebe, moving up through the ranks, coming back as a cheer junior coach & now as an assistant cheer coach for the Flyers.  Lillian started as a Recruit, working her way up to the Flyers and William playing football as a Recruit and now a second year Cadet. His wife coached cheer for two seasons, alongside Madilyn as a junior coach, and has been a board member for a few years.  Dave has always been around to lend a hand at the field for maintenance, line painting, and any game day duties, including working the concession stand for games and practices 

He enjoys spending time with his family & friends, being outdoors, hunting and watching football. 

He is looking forward to this experience not only for himself, but for the players. 

Recruits Team Coaches

Head Coach, Recruits Team
Josh Pollino

Jared Abraham was born and raised in Lower Burrell. While growing up, he played football for the Cadets. He also played in junior high and high school. Now, he and his wife are raising their young son in Lower Burrell. His son starting playing for the Lower Burrell Recruits in 2019.
Although he was the youngest and smallest on the team, he had a noticeable heart for the game.

Loving the game as much as his son, Jared has decided to start his first year of football coaching in the 2020 season. Jared has three years experience coaching baseball at the YMCA. He was also an assistant coach for Lower Burrell Little League. Even when he was not coaching, he was always on the field assisting the young players.

Jared is excited to have the opportunity to coach with the Flyers organization while helping the young players develop physically and mentally.

Joe Jacobs is a first year coach with the Flyers, and is entering his 4th year in the organization. He played football at his high school, Perry Traditional Academy. Not only did he play football, he was an all around athlete playing baseball, and also being a part of their wrestling team.

His middle son, Tyler, started playing football at the Recruit level. He played his 2 years, and is now entering his 2nd year as a Cadet. His daughter, Elizabeth, cheered as a Recruit last season and will be cheering her brother on this year as a Cadet. Joe's wife, Jami, served on the Board of Directors for a year, and was voted in to the Vice President position this year. Although his oldest son, Dylan, never played football, you can find him on the Burrell Bucs Bowling Team!

Joe looks forward to working with the Recruits and teaching the young minds the fundamentals of football. He's anticipating another amazing year and can't wait to be a part of the team. 

Roy Shirey has been a coach for the Flyers organization for three years, and he played football in both middle school and high school. Born and raised in New Kensington, he graduated from Valley High School. After graduation, Roy enlisted in the Marine Corp. While serving 4 years with the Marines, he had the opportunity to tour all over Europe.

Roy is married to Alyson (DeMao) Shirey and has 4 children: Mason (17), Sidnie (13), Rayden (9), and Jayla (8). He is employed as a Maintenance Supervisor with The Veteran’s Place on Washington Blvd., Pittsburgh. He cares very deeply about helping veterans regain a stable and financial lifestyle.

In his spare time, you will find Roy helping the youth at Flyer’s field, ABC fields, Burrell Youth Wrestling, or the Pittsburgh Diamond Dawgs Pound. 

Other Coaches:

Chris Sakala

Flyers Organization Head Cheer Coach + Recruits Team Head Cheer Coach
Michelle Provenzo

Michelle spent 8 years as a recreational league cheerleader for basketball and football. She also spent 5 years in gymnastics.  She has been with the Flyers organization for two seasons as a cheer coach for the Recruits cheer squad. 

She holds a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and a Masters in Education. Michelle bases all her practices around teamwork on and off the field as well as learning and practicing at your very best. 

Originally from Henrietta, NY she settled in Lower Burrell in 2014. She has one daughter, Anna, a husband, Chris and a Boston Terrier named Buster.

Cadets Head Coach
Mallory Whitlinger

Mallory lives in Lower Burrell and is married to her husband, Jim. They have three children, 2 sons and a daughter along with their pets! Mallory was a dancer for most of her childhood and brings her love of choreography to our Cadets Cheer Team. This is her second season with the Flyers. She also is very active in the Burrell baseball community and promoting youth recreational activities.

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