Fundraising Information for the 2015 Season

As you might expect, the costs to run a program of this magnitude are tremendous.  In order to keep registration fees at a reasonable level, we must find ways to generate additional monies in order to cover all of our costs.  Items such as the lease of the property, insurance, field maintenance, electric, propane, portable bathroom rental, cooking equipment, etc. are necessary for us to operate.  That doesn't include the equipment and uniforms needed by the players and cheerleaders.

In order to raise these needed funds, the Flyers organization will conduct different fundraisers throughout the year.  Every family will have to choose between two options for the fundraisers.  The options are either to participate in the fundraiser according to the terms listed below, or to pay the cash option.  We will have four mandatory fundraisers for each family this year. 

Families who choose to “buy out”, will be asked to pay the $300 buy out at registration.  This is so we can determine how many families will be participating in our fundraisers.  You will not receive any tickets if you choose to buy out.

Subway Cards Fundraiser

Due Date – week of September 21st
Terms: sell 10 tickets per family at $10.00/ticket

Night at the Races Fundraiser

Due Date-week of August 31st
Terms: sell 4 tickets per family at $10/ticket and 1 Horse at $10 ( Horses are sold as first come first served basis at the concession stand

FLYERS Cash Week Fundraiser

Due date- Week of August 31st
Terms: sell 10 tickets per family at $10

Gun Bash Tickets

The Gun Bash is Sunday, November 1, 2015 at Kinloch Firehall
Due Date – Week of September 21st

Terms: sell 12 tickets per family at $15.00 per ticket.

Turning In Your Fundraising Money

We will also be implementing a new system for turning in fundraisers this year.  We will have a designated area set up at the field the week each fundraiser is due.  Money will be collected by board members every evening during practice the week each fundraiser is due.  Night at the Races and Cash Payments will be collected the week of August 31st, Subway Cards and Gun Bash will be collected during the week of September 21stPlease do not turn in fundraisers to coaches, team parents, or at the concession stand.  If for some reason you are not able to make it to the field any evening the week the fundraiser is due, please contact a Board member to make other arrangements.

An Important Note About Fundraising...

Each year we have families who have difficulty selling their fundraising tickets for various reasons.  If you think you will have problems selling tickets, please notify a board member at the START OF THE SEASON.  We do offer the option of choosing to “buy-out” of the fundraiser.  If the $300 fee creates an issue, we will do our best to work out an arrangement to help you satisfy your fundraising obligation.  However, we need to know this at the start of the season, and not at the deadline for turning in your tickets.  If you wait until the tickets are due, you will be required to purchase them yourself.  Please understand that this is not done to punish anyone, but it is not fair to have the majority of our families either sell or purchase their tickets, and then have other families who don’t sell anything.  Out of respect for others, please help us by doing your part.

 All fundraising money must be turned in to the Board on or before the due date of the fundraiser.
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